About Alpha

Alpha Counseling is dedicated to the healthy development and healing of our clients. We provide a safe and nurturing environment through individual, group, and family therapy. Through integrity and respect, we help clients feel empowered and valued, build healthy relationships, make thoughtful decisions, develop life skills, become life-long learners, and achieve their personal best.


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Alpha’s Mission

Alpha Counseling is dedicated to practicing evidence-based treatment that provides a way to help people make positive changes and improve their lives. We are committed to working with you to explore and think about new ideas and discovering those parts of yourself and your behavior that must change for you to be safe, more skilled, satisfied, and happy with your life. (more…)

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We believe that our clients are whole people. Beyond labels, and far beyond the subject of the emotional, thinking, and behavioral problems addressed in our therapeutic approach, we recognize and respond to the people with whom we work as whole people. The problems for which they seek assistance, guidance, and healing represent simply one element of their makeup and experience in life. (more…)

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