How Anxiety Leads to Anger

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How Anxiety Leads to Anger

Anxiety has many symptoms beyond just “feeling anxious”. A racing heart, shortness of breath and trouble concentrating are often associated with anxiety. One symptom that many overlook as a biproduct of anxiety is anger. Often times people who have anxiety deal with isolation, feelings of being misunderstood, and other serious issues as a result of their anxiety. Because anxiety can be so hard to control and can cause so much chaos in ones life, it makes sense that someone suffering from it may feel angry. Keep in mind that anger can also be a cause of anxietyPeople with anger issues often experience a lot of anxiety, because they worry about their ability to control their anger. This just further perpetuates the cycle of stress and anxiety.

There are some things that someone with anxiety can do to cope with the anger that they may feel. Here’s how.

  • Lack of Control: Those who have anxiety often feel that they’re not in control of things. This often starts an unhealthy pattern that can lead to further anxiety and feelings of being out of control.
  • Fight or Flight: Many people with anxiety experience the need to exit a situation that they perceive as stressful. Others take on an overwhelming urge to fight whatever is causing them anxiety, even if that causes them further anxiety.
  • Irritation: Anxiety is a disorder that causes an exceptional amount of irritation. Irritation, more often than not, causes anger.
  • Placing Blame: A natural reaction to stress is assuming other people are causing it. Especially when that stress is as hard to understand as anxiety is.


  • List your triggers. Make a list of all the things that cause you anxiety or trigger your anxiety to flare. List your thoughts that cause you to get worked up, what words can give you a racing heart, what situations make you angry, and what people make you feel anxious.


  • List what helps. While the list may be short, there is likely a few things that you can think of that work to calm you. This may be leaving the situation, doing a mundane repetitive task, cleaning, exercising, or journaling. Whatever it is that works for you, try to make sure you make time every day to do these things. Additionally, keep trying new techniques and don’t use the ones that don’t work for you.


  • Explain your thoughts. All too often people who suffer from anxiety get caught up in the cycle of explaining and justifying why they act or react to things a certain way. This generally won’t get you anywhere, because someone who doesn’t have anxiety won’t be able to understand why those actions make sense. Rather than explaining your actions, try to share how you feel during anxiety with those you love. If you are struggling with anxiety and anger, explain that to those in your life. Keeping your frustrations bottled up only leads to more anger. Describe how it feels, what runs through your head, and how it starts to those close to you so that they maybe can gain some understanding of where your anger is coming from. Share your triggers with them as well, as this can help them understand where your anger starts.


Although anxiety is often something that is not within your control, it’s important to remember that your loved ones also aren’t in control of your anxiety. While your loved ones may upset you or make your anxiety spike, they are not in control of your anxiety and it isn’t all their fault. Make sure you are understanding and acknowledging that your anxiety may also affect the people you love. The anxiety and the anger that ensues from it can lead you to say hurtful things during times of extreme stress. Even though once you have your anger in check, you can stop and realize this, it still hurts the ones you love in the moment. Acknowledge that your loved ones have to go through your anger too, albeit in a different way.

If you are struggling with anger or anxiety there is help. At Alpha Counseling and Treatment we have licensed therapists and counselors that can help you cope with your anxiety and anger and live a happier and healthier life. Contact us today.


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