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The Significant Impact of Brief Motivational Interviewing Intervention

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by Steven Bengis, David S. Prescott, and Joan Tabachnick The Question Does an offender’s motivation to change reduce their risk of reoffending? The Research Brendan Anstiss, Devon Polaschek and Marc Wilson evaluated the effects of a brief Motivational Interviewing (MI) intervention on the reconviction in adult male prisoners convicted of a diverse set of crimes. Even though the population is an adult population (and we typically review articles addressing youth), the men were all considered high risk, and the crimes they committed were more diverse than sexual offenses, we believe that the findings here may be of interest to those working with adolescents who have sexually abused. The intervention is based upon research which shows that a lack of motivation to...

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Exposure to TV Violence Tied to Brain, Cognitive Abnormalities

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Emerging research discovers young adult men who watched more violence on television showed indications of less mature brain development and poorer executive functioning. The Indiana University School of Medicine study is published online in the journal Brain and Cognition. For the investigation, researchers used psychological testing and MRI scans to measure mental abilities and volume of brain regions in 65 healthy males with normal IQ between the age of 18 and 29, specifically chosen because they were not frequent video game players. Lead author Tom A. Hummer, Ph.D., said the young men provided estimates of their television viewing over the past year and then kept a detailed diary of their TV viewing for a week. Participants also completed a series of...

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