About Alpha

Trust. Integrity. Compassion. Clinical Expertise.

Alpha Counseling is dedicated to the healthy development and healing of our clients. We provide a safe and nurturing environment through individual, group, and family therapy. Through integrity and respect, we help clients feel empowered and valued, build healthy relationships, make thoughtful decisions, develop life skills, become life-long learners, and achieve their personal best.

What Sets Alpha Apart

Alpha Counseling is composed of a group of mental health and human services professionals dedicated to the healthy development and emotional healing of our clients. Our clinical focus is on exploring and resolving client ambivalence regarding their problems, and centers on motivational processes within the individual that facilitate change. Alpha Counseling assists clients in building a set of skills that enables an individual to be aware of thoughts and emotions; identify how situations, thoughts, and behaviors influence emotions; and improve feelings by changing dysfunctional thoughts and behaviors. Alpha Counseling believes in a collaborative effort in a therapeutic alliance along with the client to help concentrate specific clinical intervention in the shortest period of time with the highest quality of treatment. The Alpha difference comes from the purpose and intent infused in every aspect of our therapeutic programming. Every interaction, activity, and experience is individualized and designed to ensure each client’s healthy development, healing and growth. Alpha achieves this through:

  • Therapy that is individualized. Alpha therapists have expertise in multiple therapeutic methodologies and techniques. Drawing from their broad knowledge base, they design thoughtful, sophisticated treatment plans to support each client’s unique strengths and needs.
  • Education that is personal. Alpha teaches to each client—not just to a therapeutic curriculum. Every client is challenged and supported within his/her own ability as he/she learns to think critically, communicate effectively, and become a life-long learner.
  • Clinical professionals. Alpha Clinical Professionals have over 20 years combined experience in providing clinical treatment to individuals dealing with emotional and behavioral problems in outpatient and inpatient settings.
  • Treatment that works. All Alpha assessment instruments, interventions, and treatment methods are peer reviewed, empirically tested, and evidence-based. Therapeutic self-help tools have been personally developed by Alpha Counseling & Treatment Clinical Team using the most effective and time tested interventions, according to industry experts. Alpha Counseling & Treatment endorses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy and Motivation Interviewing approaches to treatment.

Relationship and Reality Based

We live in a world of relationships. And with every encounter, conversation, experience, and activity, our brains are busy processing information, either reinforcing existing neural pathways or growing new connections. What distinguishes Alpha from other treatment programs is our emphasis on reality-based learning and healing within the context of relationships. By focusing on therapy that is rooted in relationships and individualized to each client we can help him/her learn, grow and heal. Our therapists draw from their broad experience in clinical techniques and interventions to design sophisticated therapy that specifically addresses the needs of each client.


Hallmarks of Alpha

  • Dedicated to the healthy development and healing of our clients
  • Safe nurturing environment
  • Individualized and relationship-centered approach
  • Reality-based emphasis on learning and growth
  • Clinical experts
  • Trust and integrity


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