Being a Proctor Parent with Alpha

What We Offer Our Proctor Parents

Alpha Counseling and Treatment is dedicated to the highest level of excellence to all clients and populations that we serve.  Proctor parents are a huge asset to the community and without people like you, our mission in placing children in stable homes wouldn’t be possible.

Before becoming a proctor parent it is important to understand that proctor children have various needs beyond the basic necessities. You may be the first and only stable adult they have in their life, so it is important that you guide them while showing them that you truly support their growth. Being a proctor parent means being a responsible, caring, kind, dependable, ethical, and stable adult that has time to devote to a child.

We understand how much it takes to be a great proctor parent, and we want to support you in any way that we can. We offer the following benefits to our proctor parents:

  • Pre-service training
  • Training for state licensure
  • Monthly follow up training for foster parents
  • 24/7 Crisis intervention and assistance
  • Counseling services for youth and foster parents as recommended by therapist
  • Monetary bonus upon completing training and licensure
  • Mentoring support for youth
  • Monetary compensation per child
  • Facilitated coordination with caseworker to oversee services for youth
  • Youth will be covered by Medicaid for any health insurance needs