Better Ways to Handle Anger

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Better Ways to Handle Anger

Anger is a normal emotion for anyone to have from time to time. However, for some anger can be debilitating or overwhelming. If you feel like your anger is out of control it may be due to not having healthy coping habits or the necessary tools to appropriately process and express your anger.

Here is a quick list of do’s and dont’s to help you better process and cope with your anger:

  • Do express how you feel through considerate and clam language.
  • Don’t blame others for your anger or your feelings.
  • Do take accountability for your own feelings and actions.
  • Don’t ignore feelings, as this can lead to repressed feelings that become unresolved and manifest into bigger issues.
  • Do recognize your triggers and warning signs that your anger may be escalating.
  • Don’t walk out on an argument without giving the other person the courtesy of knowing that you need a moment to gather yourself and to calm down.
  • Do take time to calm yourself down before addressing the issue with another party- typically 20 minutes is a good “cooling off” period.
  • Don’t use abusive language, swear words, threats, gestures, or physical force ever in an argument.
  • Do find healthy outlets for your anger such as journaling, exercise, or meditation.
  • Don’t just say sorry to “fix” the situation when you aren’t remorseful of your actions.
  • Do make ammends by acknowledging your behavior and committing to change.

If you feel like you have anger issues that you would like to work on please contact us today!


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