Childhood Trauma and How it Follows You Into Adulthood

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Childhood Trauma and How it Follows You Into Adulthood

Often times, people are able to easily point out what their “issues” are, but aren’t able to pinpoint why they have them. For example, someone will say “I’m just extremely angry when I’m around my mom, even if she doesn’t do anything wrong”, or “I want to stop having anxiety attacks, but I don’t even know what is causing them. It just feels like they come out of nowhere”. Typically these emotional issues do not just appear out of nowhere. In fact, the reason behind why your adult self is having these issues is often tied to what your child self went through.

People who experience a trauma in childhood or yound adulthood often are so affected by the experience, it is too painful to even admit that it happened. Although the individual knows that indeed they did experience something traumatic, they tend to “block it out” or try to not think or deal with it. It’s human nature, really, to protect yourself in anyway possible and avoiding dealing with the situation may be the only armor that you have.

The problem with keeping yourself safely out of reach of dealing with the experience is that the symptoms that occur due to these repressed feelings and unresolved issues boil over into your everyday life, often affecting you and the ones you love.

Here is a short list of signs that you may need to heal from a past trauma:

  • Rage or extreme anger that seemingly comes from nowhere. Little things tend to make you extremely angry and you often over react, or “see red”.
  • Social anxiety that keeps you from doing what you want. You get so anxious and so scared you often break plans, even if you really wanted to go.
  • Cutting or self-harm makes you feel better or gives you some sort of release.
  • Suicidal thoughts that reoccur often, even when things seem to being going well.
  • Depression or deep sadness that you can’t seem to overcome.
  • Feeling guilty, ashamed, or that you aren’t worthy of good things or that you don’t deserve love.

These are just a few signs that you may need to heal from a past trauma. If you would like to speak with a therapist about this , contact us today. We have many qualified therapists that can start your healing process.

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