How to Beat Self-Doubt

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How to Beat Self-Doubt

Self-doubt can happen to even the most confident and capable people.  Self-doubt is described as a feeling of uncertainty about one or more aspects of  yourself. Self-doubt can apply to any ability or aspect of perosnality, ranging from your intelligience to your attractiveness. Additionally, certain times of your life or situations may cause self-doubt to become more active. To some extent self-doubt is normal and can even be helpful, but if self-doubt begins holding you back or causing you significant issues, you may need to take steps to reel it back in. While seeing a counselor or therapist can help you identify and tackle this problem most efficiently, there are some things that you can do to correct your self-doubt on your own.

  • THINK OF THE WORST CASE SCENARIOS, AND PUT THEM INTO PERSPECTIVE. Considering the worst possible thing that could happen may sound like the exact opposite of what you would want to do when trying to overcome self-doubt. But in all reality, if you can think through some of the scenarios, and put them into a realistic perspective, it can actually help you gain power over that fear. For example, maybe you are wanting to apply for your dream job, but you are doubting that you will actually get the job. Ask yourself, “What is the worst that can  happen?” Usually these scenarios play out in ways that will not be affecting your life long-term, and it can help you get over the fear of failing.
  • STRENGTHEN YOUR SELF-AWARENESS. If you are able to identify and pinpoint what is causing you to doubt yourself, you will be able to better control it. Certain situations may trigger your self- doubt and knowing which situations can make you doubt your ability will help you know what to anticipate and better navigate these feelings. Challenge yourself by asking what you can do to become stronger in those situations and work on whatever you need to do to help you start feel more capable.
  • GIVE YOURSELF A BREAK. It is hard to overcome feelings of self-doubt when you are constantly giving yourself negative feedback. Practicing some self-compassion and giving yourself some pep talks can really help build your confidence. When you are being negative towards yourself, try to make a strong effort to focus on positive and constructive thoughts. Don’t allow yourself to be your own worst enemy. Work on giving yourself positive and uplifting feedback.
  • TRUST YOUR OWN OPINION. While asking for input from others can help, it’s important that you evaluate your own progress. If you are constantly trying to get validation from other people, you may be enabling yourself to rely on the opinion of outside sources to guide your decisions and actions. Try to trust what feels right for you, and go with that. Of course, you will ask for input from others at times, but don’t solely rely on outside sources for your decision making.
  • STOP OVERTHINKING IT. If you have a hard time making decisions, this can add to your self-doubt. Often times, people dwell on a decision and turn it into a bigger issue than it really may be. Going back and forth about something can make you even more indecisive. Try going with your first instinct, trusting what feels right, and sticking by your decision. If you make a bad decision, own it. But keep in mind it is better than making no decision at all.
  • STAY IN THE PRESENT. Trying to predict the future or dwelling on the past can wreck your self confidence. Rather than worrying about something that you can’t change or trying to guess how others will react, just focus on what you are doing in the present time and day. Try to focus efforts on the task at hand, stay in the present, and just do the best you can do. You will be surprised with how much better the outcome is when you do this rather than wasting all your time thinking what may happen or dwelling on what didn’t happen in the past.

If you feel like you could benefit from talking to a professional about your self-doubt, please reach out today! We have counselors and therapists available to help you.

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