How to Become more Positive

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How to Become more Positive

Most people want to be more positive and happy, but just aren’t sure how to do it. It may seem like a daunting task to constantly stay optimistic and happy in the face of whatever life throws at you. In reality, becoming a positive person may be easier than you think. Here is a quick list of things that you can incorporate into your life to become more positive.

  • DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY. This seems obvious, but so many people don’t incorporate this simple idea into their daily life. If you can’t stand yoga, find a different workout. If you dislike that certain coffee shop your friends always meet at, suggest a change of scenery. If your job is draining you, maybe it’s time for a switch. If you are drawn to something and you feel good when you are doing it, pursue it.
  • FIND POSITIVE FRIENDS. Being around other positive people can change your outlook. It’s important to find people who have a positive outlook and are generally happy. Positivity really does rub off on others, so being around those who have good outlooks and optimistic thoughts can help you learn how to be more positive.
  • BE GRATEFUL. If you can be thankful for what you have, positivity will come a lot easier for you. Being thankful for even the small things, can make a huge impact on your outlook. Try to find at least 5 things everyday that you are grateful for, even if it is something as basic as being grateful for your job. Focus on the good and more good will come!
  • TAKE ACCOUNTABILITY FOR YOUR HAPPINESS. This may be one of the most important things you can do. While your surroundings are important, ultimately you are responsible for your outlook and your happiness. Try to focus on what has gone right, what you can do to improve the situation, and what you have accomplished. Focus on redirecting your thoughts anytime they start going in a negative way.


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