How to Handle Losing a Loved One

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How to Handle Losing a Loved One

At some point in our lives we will all lose someone we are close to and love. Although this is part of  life, it can often devastate people and act as a setback. While it is important to acknowledge the loss of someone special to you, it is also important to allow yourself to move on.  Here are some ways to help cope with the loss that you can practice on your own:

  • Make space in your life for your loss. This means allowing yourself some time alone without work, email, social media or other distractions to feel the loss and process it. Give yourself an adequate amount of time to grieve. This will be different for everyone, but don’t expect to get over losing a loved one in a day. And if you are able to move on quickly don’t feel guilty about it. Grief is different for everyone.
  • Allow yourself to feel all of the emotions. You will feel a mixed set of emotions and the may even cycle. Allow yourself to feel them all without feeling guilty or like you have to justify them. You  may feel angry, sad, wronged or any other mix of emotions, and they are all okay to feel. It may help to journal your emotions to help get them out, or you can share your feelings with a friend or therapist.
  • Help yourself feel better. By that I mean allow yourself to do things that make you happy. Whether that be going out with friends, or going for a run, or whatever it is that you like, don’t feel bad if you are having fun or feeling happy after the loss of a loved one. You can grieve the loss of a loved on and still feel happy or enjoy activities. It isn’t an all or nothing state of being.
  • Lastly it is important that you go easy on yourself during this process. Grief can be surprisingly exhausting! Keep that in mind while planning things. Get plenty of rest and don’t be surprised if you feel more “run down” during you grieving, that’s normal. Emotional exhaustion can also lead to physical exhaustion, so allow yourself some leeway with exercise or work routines.

We hope that this information is helpful for you during your difficult time of loss. If you feel like you would benefit from our services please visit us at Alpha Counseling and Therapy. We have skilled and caring therapists that specialize in grief and loss.

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