Narcissistic Personality Disorder

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Narcissistic Personality Disorder

One of the most complex and compelling mental disorders is Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Personality disorders in general are conditions where people have certain traits or behaviors that cause them to act in ways that cause them problems with their relationships and other areas of their lives. This condition typically begins in early adulthood, and often goes untreated for a person’s entire life. This can have hugely negative impacts on a person’s life and can keep them from being happy.

Below are some of the traits of people who have Narcissistic Personality Disorder:

  • They require excessive or constant admiration and compliments. They go to extreme lengths to make sure that they get the attention that they desire and the validation that they crave. If they are unable to get this validation they turn to intimidation and fear.
  • They like having a reputation that makes them seem superior. Whether this reputation is complimentary or notorious doesn’t matter to them. This is another form of attention that makes them feel important.
  • Exaggerate accomplishments, talents, and skills. Also they will brag about things that are not an actual accomplishment to make themselves feel successful. For example they may repeatedly brag about something as simple as eating healthy or having a steady income, and they truly feel superior because of it.
  • They often lie to make themselves look better, or to avoid any reality that makes them look like the “bad guy”.
  • They do not feel empathy or compassion. Although they may claim that they do, deep down they don’t care about anyone’s needs beyond their own. They do not generally care who gets hurt by their actions as long as it serves their best interest.
  • If they are confronted, contradicted, or corrected they fly into a rage. They feel that most people are inferior to them, so they cannot handle criticism or advice from most people.
  • They only desire relationships that will benefit them. They are always looking for a “bigger better deal”, and have no problem hurting people close to them if they find someone who can get them the things that they desire. An example of this is people who consistently leave relationships with significant others because they think that the new love interest has more money, more connections, can give them more of what they desire, or make them feel superior.
  • They often are entitled in every area of their life. They expect instant respect and compliance to all of their demands. They feel that their time and needs are more important than anyone else’s.
  • People with this disorder will typically seek out employment or hobbies that promote themselves and validate their importance. For example, they seek choose professions such as modeling, acting, or other occupations that gain them attention or make them feel important.

There is help for Narcissistic Personality Disorder, and seeking treatment can significantly improve one’s life and relationships.  Our therapists at Alpha Counseling and Treatment can help this treatment and can provide guidance on the topic. Contact us today if you feel like treatment for this disorder could help you or a loved one. 

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