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Therapy that is individualizes

Drawing from their broad knowlwdge, Alpha therapists design thoughtful treatment plans to support each client’s unique strenths and needs.

Clinical Professionals

With over 20 years combined experience in providing clinical treatment to individuals dealing with emotional and behavioral problems.

Treatment that works

All Aplha assessment instruments, interventions, and treatment methods are peer reviewes, empiricallt tested, and evidence-based.

About Us

Alpha Counseling & Treatment is the largest and most respected provider of forensic clinical psychotherapy for justice-involved clients in the State of Utah. Alpha Counseling specializes in providing Evidence-Based Practices to individuals afflicted with a Substance Use Disorder, or those who have committed a sex crime.

Alpha Counseling is composed of a group of clinical professionals dedicated to the effective treatment of our clients. Our clinical style focuses on exploring and resolving client ambivalence regarding their problems, and centers on motivational processes within the individual that facilitate change. Alpha Counseling takes pride in practicing only interventions proven to be effective at helping our clients navigate their way out of the criminal justice system, and never come back. The foundation of our clinical programming is based on the Risk-Need-Responsivity model for treating justice involved clients.

Risk Principle(Who)

As a general rule, treatment effects are stronger if we target higher-risk individuals. The term “risk” in this sense refers to the risk of committing a new crime or behaving in a manner that keeps individuals involved in the criminal justice system.

There are Three Elements to the Risk Principle:

  1. Target those with a higher probability of committing a future crime.
  2. Provide most intensive treatment to higher risk.
  3. Intensive treatment for lower-risk can increase recidivism.

Need Principle(What)

By assessing and targeting factors that cause or are likely to cause future crime for change, Alpha can reduce the probability of our clients being further involved in the criminal justice system. The major targets of clinical intervention are: History of Antisocial Personality; Antisocial Cognition; Antisocial Friends/Associates; Family and/or Marital; School and/or Work; Leisure and/or Recreation; and Substance Abuse.

Responsivity Principle(Who)

The most effective interventions are behavioral and focus on current factors that influence behavior. Alpha Counseling’s interventions are also action oriented, meaning that our clients can apply these strategies close to the same day that they learn them. All of Alpha Counseling’s clinical professionals follow Core Correctional Practices.









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