Positive Affirmations:Do They Work?

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Positive Affirmations:Do They Work?

You may have heard a lot of buzz lately about positive affirmations, also known as harnessing positive thinking. While there is a lot of talk about using positive affirmations, not many understand what they are or how they work. Here is a quick introduction to positive affirmations and how you can use them daily.

Basically positive affirmations are positive sayings, thoughts, or mantras that you can tell yourself to help overcome negative thoughts. Negative thoughts seem to creep up on some people almost non stop, so replacing those negative thoughts with more positive ones can greatly improve not only your mood, but your quality of life. If you can repeat them often, and truly believe in the positive thoughts, you can start to make some really great positive changes.

While in the beginning it may seem strange to repeat such uplifting and positive mantras to yourself, it will help not only replace your negative thoughts, but also will help to begin to repattern the self-talk you use. Compare it to lifting weights for the first time. In the beginning you likely will feel awkward or even feel like it isn’t effective, but after a few days or weeks, it will become easier, you will feel more confident in doing it and you will see improvements.

Replacing negative thoughts with positive ones will likely improve more than just your mood as well. If you do affirmations about how smart you are, how capable you are and remind yourself how much you have prepared before a big test, for example, you will likely do better than if you go in thinking that you are going to fail. Mindset alone can give you quite an advantage.

If you do struggle with negative thinking or a low self-image, it can be hard to create a pattern of positive affirmations, but not impossible. And practicing positive affirmations daily can help you change your perspective on yourself and others, boosting your self-esteem and self-image. The key to starting is to start out small and make a habit of at least trying to practice positive affirmations daily.

First find an affirmation that truly resonates with you. For example if you want to work on your self-esteem, find a mantra that starts with “I am”. Keep it simple and clear, but meaningful. An example of a positive affirmation would be “I am capable of accomplishing my goals” or “I am grateful for everything I have in my life”. You can practice saying it back to yourself in a mirror, or just saying it out loud to yourself 3-5 times a day.  At first, it will feel awkward, maybe even silly. If you stick with it you may just see that you start accepting the statements and feel better about yourself.


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