Foster & Proctor Program

Open your heart. Open your home. Change a life.

What it means to be a Proctor Family

Becoming a foster/proctor family means opening your home and your heart to a young adult in need of stability. These youth ranging in ages from 12-18, have been taken into state custody for various reasons. A proctor youth can be male or female and may come from many different types of backgrounds and circumstances. If you decide to become a proctor parent, Alpha Counseling will work to educate and support you throughout the process. The ultimate goal of our program is to facilitate the support that a youth needs to reunify with his or her family. Your role as a proctor parent is to provide a safe and stable environment that will nurture the youth’s progress. Our role is to be there for you and ensure that you have the skills that you need to be a successful proctor parent. Our main priority is to ensure both the youth and the parent feel supported throughout the process.

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