Shrink Your Stress -Tips for Controlling Your Stress Level

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Shrink Your Stress -Tips for Controlling Your Stress Level

Stress is a normal, and sometimes even crucial part of life. Everyone experiences some level of stress in their day to day lives, but what do you do when it is consuming you entirely? Have you ever felt like you have so much pressure that you can’t even begin to work on whatever the problem may be? Ever felt so overwhelmed by a list of tasks that must be completed that you simply do none of them at all? If so, your level of stress and how you are dealing with it could have a negative impact on your life and your health.

While minor stress is normal and even to be expected, chronic or extreme stress can actually cause you to have new or worsening mental or physical problems. Side effects of stress can include insomnia, agitation, shortness of breath, inability to concentrate, impulsive decisions, headaches, and stomach issues. Clearly none of these are good for you. So what can you do if you are under an immense amount of stress? Keep reading for quick tips to help when things get hectic.

  • Determine what the real problem is. When you are experiencing extreme stress, it can feel like everything in your life is falling apart. In reality, there may only be one portion of your life that is causing you to feel overwhelmed, and by assigning blame to all areas of your life, you may actually be making it impossible to enjoy the things that can soothe your stress. Take a few minutes to really determine the source of your stress, and don’t allow yourself to blame everyone and everything in your life.
  • Decide how important the issue is. Ask yourself if in a month from now this issue will matter. If not, it probably isn’t worth keeping yourself up at night over. When we get upset, scared, angry, etc. our mind puts us on alert. So although something may initially give you a surge of stress, decide if it really warrants feeling that way. If it doesn’t, try to work through why it made you so upset in the first place rather than dwelling on just feeling stressed. You don’t want to blow off your feelings, but you do want to give yourself some perspective. If the stress is warranted and it is an actual real issue, still try to keep in mind the magnitude of the issue.
  • Reach out for help. Being under major stress can blur your perspective and allow poor choices. If you know you are very stressed out and feel like you are sinking in it, reach out to someone you trust. This could mean calling your best friend for a supportive shoulder. This could mean asking your co-worker for help with a few extra tasks. This could mean asking your spouse to cook dinner. Whatever will help you with your current situation, don’t be afraid to ask. Those who love you want to help, and allowing them to can actually really make a difference. If someone offers help, don’t reject it out of pride or guilt.
  • Work through the problem not just against it. Once you have figured out what is truly causing your stress, you need to work through it. Determining why you are stressed and then just being upset about it doesn’t help anything. In fact, it can actually lead to even more issues. Try to find solutions to the problem rather than focusing on the fact that there is a problem. This may take some time, but allow yourself to really think up possible solutions and what the outcomes of them may be. Again, do not just dwell on the fact that there is a problem or that you are stressed, this will not help anything.
  • Start working on your solution. Once you have found what you think the best solution to your problem is, start working on it. Procrastination tends to kick in when an individual is under stress, which of course just leads to more stress. Don’t get caught in the procrastination trap. Start putting your plan into action immediately, even if you aren’t exactly sure where to start or how it will turn out, just start working on it.
  • Remember to take a breather.This is much easier said than done, especially when you are dealing with a lot of stress. It is however, probably one of the most important aspects of stress management. It’s impossible to be efficient if you aren’t taking care of your basic needs, and will only lead to further stress down the road. Try to remind yourself that at the end of the day, you are a person, and you need to recharge to be your best. Spending more time taking care of yourself will not only help you relax, it will increase your productivity!

If you feel overwhelmed or you would like to talk to a counsleor, please don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our therapists today!


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