Stress Less, Live Happier!

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Stress Less, Live Happier!

Everyone encounters some stress daily, and everyone can relate to how that stress may affect their mood. Surely Stress can be a good thing, helping us to overcome obstacles to meet goals and deadlines. However, too much stress can make you feel overwhelmed and unable to focus or think critically. Obviously you will never eliminate all stress in your life, and you wouldn’t want to! Stress is key to survival, and without it you wouldn’t likely be as motivated to do tough tasks. What may be beneficial is eliminating unnecessary and excess stress that may be have the opposite effect on your progress. Stress that is high intensity and consistent can be detrimental not only to your emotional well-being but your physical health as well.

Here are some simple ways to eliminate unnecessary stress in your daily life:

#1. Manage Your Time. Time, or lack thereof, is the #1 stress for adult Americans. If you kept a daily log of what you actually spent your time on, you may be surprised to find  that a lot of time is being wasted on things that could have waited, while important tasks are left unattended. Making a simple and somewhat flexible routine can help you stay focused on what you need to do and keep you on track. It’s important to remember that your plan or schedule for daily routines doesn’t have to be rigid, because life will throw you a curve ball every now and then, and you need to learn how to adjust and keep moving. You can start by making a short list every day of things that you MUST get done. Choose 5 things that have to get done that day and make sure those things get done. If finishing the reports for your boss means missing your favorite show, so be it. The reduction of stress will be worth the sacrifice. Likewise, if you get stuck in traffic and end up not having enough time to complete all 5 tasks, adjust your thinking and your schedule and don’t let it derail you. Simply move one task to the next day, or rearrange your other tasks for the day.

#2.Prepare Your Day. This one tip may just change your life. If you took 10 minutes the night before to prepare for the next day, you may be surprised at how smoothly things could go. This may include laying out your outfit, packing your meals, getting directions to your meeting, or putting all of your things in one spot for easy access on your way out. For example, if you know that you need to get gas tomorrow morning, and you frequently run late, go tonight and save yourself that stress for tomorrow morning. As simple as this sounds, many people overlook this simple step.

#3. Schedule Time for Exercise. It may seem like adding one more thing to the never-ending list of tasks ahead of you is a bad idea, but incorporating exercise into your daily life is both beneficial and incredibly easy. If you are a regular at your gym, keep it that way. You may have to adjust the times that you attend, or the training that you are doing, but continue to exercise like normal. Cutting physical health out of your routine to make time for something else could back-fire in a major way and ultimately lead to more stress. If you don’t normally go to the gym, try to find one that is open hours that work with your schedule. If you are not a fan of the gym, no problem! Find ways to incorporate exercise in your day without even changing into gym clothes. You can try simple steps like always taking the stairs, parking at the other end of the parking lot rather than wasting time searching for a “good” spot. Taking a brief walk outside on a lunch hour or break will instantly put you in a better mood than sitting at your desk texting. Think creatively, but make sure that you are getting exercise of some sort everyday.

#4.Be Grateful. If you start and end each day thinking of just 5 things that you are grateful for, you will instantly feel less stressed. Reminding yourself of everything that went right will help you put your stress into perspective. This practice will help you stay more positive, and it helps you move on from set backs rather than dwelling on them and wasting time and energy that could better be used elsewhere. Try it today!

#5. Keep a Note Journal. This doesn’t mean keep a journal that you pour your heart out into each night. Although, if that helps you should do it. This is more like a day planner or a pad of sticky notes that is more functional. If you can keep a binder or notepad (or planner, if that works better for you) where you can just jot down all of your notes and reminders you will be amazed at how much more organized you become. Having everything in one place is much easier than having some things saved in your phone, some things on your desktop, some things on sticky notes in your office, etc. Also, being able to jot down a “need to do” list on a pad of paper rather than constantly interrupting what you are doing to handle tasks as they come at you will increase your efficiency. Some people use their phone as their planner or for lists, which is great. Paper tends to work better for a lot of people for whatever reason. But find something that works for you, where you can dump all of the incoming information and tasks as you go. That way you won’t miss or forget things, but you can also focus on what you are doing right now.

Implementing one or all of these tips can help you manage your stress better today. If you are feeling overwhelmed and like you need someone to help you through it, or just to listen we have therapists available 24/7. 


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