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We believe that our clients are whole people. Beyond labels, and far beyond the subject of the emotional, thinking, and behavioral problems addressed in our therapeutic approach, we recognize and respond to the people with whom we work as whole people. The problems for which they seek assistance, guidance, and healing represent simply one element of their makeup and experience in life.

At Alpha Counseling & Treatment we believe that each client brings an entirely different set of experiences that have shaped their patterns and behaviors — so far.  However,  the brain is amazingly pliable: it changes with relationships, experience and circumstances all the time.

Our therapeutic approach helps clients deal with the many issues they face and experience in their daily lives. It is a central tenet of Alpha Counseling & Treatment’s therapeutic model that our clients are whole people, that their emotional, thinking, and behavioral problems must and can only be understood and treated in this context, and that this idea must be imparted to our clients with whom we work, their families, other providers who provide treatment and care, and the community at large.

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