Group Therapy

Respectful. Supportive. Unified.

Group therapy is a special form of treatment offered through Alpha Counseling & Treatment that builds relationships and ties among people in the group. You and other members of your treatment group share many similar features, but are also quite different from one another. Thought group therapy you can learn to excel and do things that you could never do alone. You and other group members learn to build on your strengths and learn from and teach each other, and together help one another to accomplish remarkable things.

Group therapy that centers around emotional, thinking, and behavioral problems can be very difficult at times, but also very powerful. Because the members of the group, like you, are much more than just people with these problems, group therapy deals with many issues including:

  • Relationships and interactions
  • Daily problems and daily successes
  • Self-discovery
  • Support for one another, and the ability to challenge and confront one another
  • The building of leadership and communication skills.
  • The venting and expression of frustration, anger, sadness, and other feelings in ways that are appropriate, healthy, and effective, instead of self-destructive or destructive to others.

In group therapy you will learn new ideas, learn to listen and to speak, and learn how to give and receive feedback. You will learn leadership skills, and how to challenge and confront other group members in constructive ways. You’ll also learn how to be confronted and challenged by others, how to deal with problems, and how to grow because of those challenges. In group, you will learn that you are not alone and that other group members have the same sorts of difficulties, the same sorts of backgrounds, the same sorts of behaviors, and the same sorts of experiences as you.

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