Therapeutic Relationship

YOU Are the Shared Interest

Alpha Counseling & Treatment believes that the therapeutic relationship is one of the most important parts of your treatment. It means building an “alliance” with your therapist. The therapeutic relationship is a connection built on a close association and shared interest. At Alpha Counseling & Treatment, you are the shared interest.

Your entire treatment team and your therapist will show interest in you and help you to understand and deal with your problems to help you lead a happy, healthy life. The Alpha team will help you become a safe, productive, and satisfied person who can further build your skills, and can work to reduce your weaknesses and overcome emotional, thinking, and behaviors that harm yourself and others.

The therapeutic relationship, and the alliance that you and your therapist build with one another, means that you’re both working with each other to help improve your life, to help you feel support and encouragement, and to help you leave your problems in your past and move into a future that is healthy and safe for you.

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