You Should See a Therapist When…

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You Should See a Therapist When…

There a many reasons why people are hesitant to seek out therapy. The cost, time, and stigma of attending therapy are some of the major reasons why people avoid seeking help. Also, people often aren’t sure if they should see a therapist for whatever they are struggling with. The saying, “Admitting you have a problem is the first step”, comes to mind, but it is more complex than that. Often times, whether someone has a long history of an emotional problem or they are just recently going through something, they have a hard time deciding how much their feelings warrant therapy.

Trying to justify of dismiss the idea of therapy can be hard, and if there is an actual crisis going on in one’s life, logical thinking may be limited. The longer that a person who is having an emotional or mental struggle goes without getting help, the bigger the problem can become. There are some major warning signs that can help determine if therapy is appropriate for you. These apply whether you feel like you have struggled with your issues your whole life, or if a recent event has triggered the issue.

  • You have lost interest in, or feel a lack of passion in things that you once loved.Whether it’s spending time with your family and friends, or being outdoors, if nothing excites you or interests you something is wrong. The feeling of disinterest can  also crop up feelings that you have no purpose, or that your life is meaningless if left unchecked. Speaking with a therapist can help you gain back a sense of joy in your interests and brings some perspective on  your current feelings.
  • You have started using a substance to help you deal with your current situation or feelings. Anytime that you feel dependent on a drug or alcohol to make you feel “normal” you should see a therapist. People self medicate for all sorts of reasons, so there is no “good” reason to continue to use a substance to help you ignore or forget about what you are feeling. No good can come from this. Ultimately, this is not a long term solution, and can lead to addiction and cause huge ramifications in your life. Whether you are using the substance to feel happy, to calm you down, or to forget something, it is not the answer. Seeking help from a therapist can give you tools to deal with your problems on your own, and give you control of your life back. It can also help you deal with and overcome whatever the underlying issue may be.
  • People that you love and respect have demonstrated concern over your current state of being. The people that you love and trust most generally will have your best interests in mind. They can also often see things that you may not want to allow yourself to admit. If someone that is close to  you comes to you and expresses a serious concern about how you are acting, listen to what they are saying. Respect your friends and family enough to get help if they are coming to you with fears about your mental or emotional health. They want to help, but they may realize the problem is bigger than any support that they can offer. A therapist is a trained professional that can help you get back to being you, or even help you find the you that you want to become.
  • You can’t seem to focus on anything besides the issue that you are going through or went through. If you went through something traumatic like abuse, a divorce, or a loss of a loved it can take time to get over. But if thoughts of the event are crowding your mind, and you find that you are not feeling better over time, you should seek help. Reliving a traumatic event, or constantly feeling the emotion of it without actually dealing and coming to terms with it can be extremely harmful. Reactions to major traumatic events can vary. Some people pull away from others, and “shut down”. Others will become obsessed with work or exercise, or even over-engage to try to stop thoughts of the event, but they persist. A therapist can help you work through and move past a tough situation, allowing you to overcome the effects of the event.
  • You have a hard time controlling your emotions, or they are extremely intense Feeling many emotions in a short period of time is okay, and sometimes even normal. But if those emotions are extremely strong, you may need to seek help. If you have periods of extreme sadness, or you have uncontrollable anger, these could be signs of bigger issues. A common reaction to these issues is catastrophizing, or always assuming the worst possible outcome no matter what the situation, and no matter what emotion you are feeling. Even when people who have an emotional issue feel happy, they may have thoughts of “this won’t last” or “this isn’t real, because I don’t deserve this”. These extremes are a sign that you may have with a mental health or emotional problem that you refuse to admit, or cannot deal with. A therapist can help you learn to navigate the issues that lead to these behaviors, allowing you to have a more balanced life with more clarity on the situation.

Even if there has been no major event, or you have always felt that something is off, if you feel like you can’t handle it on your own seek help. These warning signs are just a few of many. If you ever feel like you can’t cope with your life, or go on living how you have seek help. Even if you feel like your problem is minimal, if you feel like talking to someone could help, seek help. There is never anything wrong with talking to a professional or getting treatment. Therapy gives you a safe place to be honest without any judgement, while still giving you a realistic perspective. Not everyone you talk to can give you that comfort or help.

If you feel like you may need help, are curious about what therapy can do for you, or are just struggling with a problem our therapist at Alpha Counseling and Treatment can help! We are here for you. Contact us today to explain your situation or to set up a consultation with our trained therapists.

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